January 17, 2013

Future Interior Design And Technology - Is It Possible?

Futuristic kitchen furniture
How long until we see something like this in real life? According to , not long. This company is working on the projects we could only dream of ten years go. In the future, technology will be the biggest part of an interior design. Every part of your home will be connected with you and the world.

Imagine almost every surface being a touch screen, unbreakable, unscratchable, with all kinds of possibilities. Windows with photovoltaic glass, 3D tv-s, mirrors connected to your computer, and much more. Sounds good?

Take a look at two videos made by Corning, showing their vision of the future interiors, homes, offices and schools and let us know what do you think about it.

Living room video wall

Choosing clothes on the touch screen closet

No more blinds, windows will take care of daylight

Hologram on the tablet

Ultra thin LCD television with touch screen

Mirror in the bathroom used as a computer

Working desk with touch screen surface

Transparent computers in the classroom 

3D television with hologram 

Video wall in the hospital

Solar panels on the roof

Pictures courtesy of Corning Inc.


  1. feel amazing to know that in future we have these interior designs things which we dream of.

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  3. Sounds so cool to have a futuristic approach...to good.